After a miserable starting line failure for the first event proper of the Winter 2017-18 season, last week the Team Limilo robot finished a creditable third in it’s heat, clocking up 14 laps. I say creditable because on the first corner it ended up in a crash (of it’s own making - the draw saw it placed on the outside lane and it tried to cut across to the inside without a care for who got in the way - oops) which saw it stranded up on the barrier while the frontrunners clocked up a few laps. Eventually it freed itself but spent several minutes upside down (the restricted camera view at that angle seems to cause all kinds of problems). To be honest, the car carried on being a nuisance for the other competitors, but at some point it got flipped back up the right way and started to get some clean laps in. It actually looked pretty quick. I was quite proud of this moment here as it caught and undertook one of the leaders:


The next round is in a couple of weeks and its back to the challenge / obstacle avoidance event. Hopefully it actually moves this time..