After the last couple of Formula Pi rounds Team Limilo sit in ninth position on the overall leaderboard.

The second challenge round was a disaster with zero points scored (the least said about that the better, but basically the robot managed to hit every obstacle on the track, ironically clearing a path for it’s competitor to sail round without a care in the world).

The second race though was a much better affair with the robot coming a close second in it’s heat with 29 laps completed - the joint highest of the round. It lead the race for long periods and was a bit unfortunate to spend a crucial section upside down (which still seems to cause problems). I suspect another lap might have seen it regain the lead from the eventual heat winner.

There are two rounds left before the final. Another challenge / obstacle avoidance head to head followed by another straight race. Only the top five teams get to race in the final event, so in order to have any chance of making it, maximum (or near maximum) points will be needed from both rounds. Avoidance has been a real weakness this season, but testing went reasonably well, so fingers crossed.

The race is available here on YouTube.