There’s some advice I’ve read which says to become successful you should really work on what’s important and just write off the stuff that you’ll never get to. Paraphrasing wildly of course, but while I recognise that’s probably the right way to go about things, this hasn’t stopped me from getting annoyed at those dangling threads of things that never get finished.

So sod the advice. For a bit anyway. Given the current circumstances in our household where it’s looking like we’re shielding until the end of June, that gives me some time to experiment with trying to tie off some of these projects.

How far could I get if I limit myself to a 30 minute sprint on each project a day? With 49 days till the end of June, that’s just over a full 24 hours per project. 30 minutes is nothing - in the past I could easily spend that scrolling through Twitter. But I like the idea of the constraint while making steady progress towards the end goal.

So starting on the 13th I’m going to give it a go. Let’s see if these mini sprints finally get these damn projects out of my head and into the world.