Jolyon Brown

A social media sabbatical

Something I’ve really struggled with in the last few years is starting projects and never getting them finished. I’ve items on my personal development to do list which have been there for longer than I can remember. Courses (paid for, in some cases) sit half completed. Websites and apps gather dust in version controlled repos, never destined to see the light of day. This blog is a prime example. I avoid looking at the dozens of draft, never to be published posts that litter my source directories.

Awk: Set Output Filename Variable via Field Contents

I suspect the title of this post would win a prize for the worst on the internet. Oh well. On a new contract at the moment working with people from various backgrounds in IT. One of my new co-workers had a text file containing a dump of a postgres database and wanted to extract all the CREATE FUNCTION statements out of it for analysis; could I take a look as resident Linux guy?